Tips For Talking with Someone Who Has a Hearing Disorder

One in six Canadians has a speech, language, or hearing problem.

One in six Canadians has a hearing problem

If a friend or loved one has a hearing disorder, there are always steps you can take to help them participate more actively in conversations!

  • Get the person’s attention by saying their name or touching their arm before you start talking.

  • Speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard, but do NOT shout. Shouting distorts the speech sounds.

  • Be patient and provide the person with some extra time to respond. Hearing and processing sounds may take a bit longer.

  • Avoid putting anything around your face and mouth when you are speaking (e.g., pens, phones, hands). People with hearing loss use visual cues to help them understand the message. People without hearing loss also use visual cues!

  • Create an ideal listening environment: move away from noise sources and choose a place with good lighting.

  • During group discussions only one person should speak at a time.

  • Smaller group discussions are ideal. Listening in a large group setting can be difficult.

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